1 in 6 U.S. children aged 2–8 years have a diagnosed mental, behavioral, or developmental disorder, others often go unseen or diagnosed.


"My Brain is Strong Too!" tells the story of Tommy, a young boy struggling with major depressive disorder, and his discovery, treatment, and journey forward.


Tommy's therapist, Ms. Cynthia, teaches Tommy positive affirmations, coping skills, and meal plans to prevent adolescent eating disorders.


This resource is recommended for elementary-aged children and parents alike.

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Introducing the
Daily Affirmations Journal

Now Available!

Daily Affirmations Journal is a journal to help kids practice positive affirmations and daily reflections.


It's so easy to blame ourselves and lists all our flaws. How about listing all of the great things about ourselves?


This journal will give kids easy prompts each day to list positive statements or affirmations, about themselves which they can use to improve their self-talk and positively control their emotions and actions. The journal will also give prompts to journal about events during the day, including what they ate to promote healthy eating habits and gratitude.


This is a great gift for elementary-aged children. Pick up the book "My Brain is Strong Too!" to learn more about positive affirmations.

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Now available at Wake County Public Libraries!

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